10 gift ideas for Christmas

 It’s holiday season and the chaos began! When looking for the perfect gift for family and friends, we generally want something that is stylish, affordable and original. In De La Sol Home we believe that special presents mean the most. For this reason, we curated the best selection of gifts you can find on our site. From enlightened candles to traditional throws, every item in our selection is a perfect idea for someone to feel more at home.


Enlighten Candles

Brighten any room with this beautiful candles inspired by the zen spa. Made with therapeutic fragrances, candles help relax at the end of a long day. Our enlighten candles come in a ceramic shibori bowl and inside a canvas bag. This is a very special gift, great detail for a friend! Find them here.



Set of Baskets: black and white

Baskets are a stylish way to keep the house organized. You can hold anything from towels to beauty products and magazines in them. Our baskets are handcrafted by artisans of Kenya, who excel at weaving sisal. Baskets add a boho vibe and are an elegant gift idea. Shop them here.



Cashmere Throws

Throws are a perfect addition in you living room or bedroom. Its extremely light and keeps you very warm. Cashmere blankets, handmade from premium quality wool in Nepal, add a chic still cozy touch to a home. Throw blankets are perfect in all seasons. We carry them in three variaties, from lighter to darker tones: Goku Throw, Sohan Throw and Mitul Throw. This is one of the safest products for gifts! Shop them here




Poetry matches

You can safely light candles or hard-to-reach wicks with these long white-tipped matches. This set comes in a silk-screened jar with the inspiring phrase ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’ Simply strike match on bottle to light! Get them here.



Traditional Fouta Throw

Your rooms will instantly get a luxury boho vibe with our traditional Fouta throws. Handmade in Tunisia, the throw is 100% cotton, perfect for its softness and lurex touch. Definitely a bedding decor essential! Shop it here.



 Additri Throw

This elegant throw is the perfect winter companion. The light and breathable cotton material will let you wrap yours while lounging on your favorite sofa all year long! Its classic and delicate pattern makes this a perfect gift for his or her house. Find it here.




Dawn Sky Vase

Flowers add a personal touch to a house. The fragrance and the color of the flowers bring life to a room, making it cozier. Our marbled transparent irregular base will be the detail you want to have in your living room. And wait until the sunlight shines through it, stunning! Shop it here.



Daisy Vase

For those who like to keep it pure and simple, our ceramic Daisy Vase will be the perfect gift. The wavy details provide a very unique style. Get it here.




Ombre Matches

Tins add a very special detail to a coffee table in the living room. Our Ombre printed peacock tin, with black matches with purple tip, is a perfect gift to pair with a candle.We recommend you to get one for you too and place it next to the bathtub! Find them here.


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