10 gifts under $100

Now that the Holiday season is over, we take away Christmas trees, holiday decor and bring back the regular home decor. But the New Year is also a great excuse for a fresh start. At De La Sol Home we believe in the power of details. It’s not about renewing the whole home decor but to get certain items that will make everything look different. De La Sol Home started a 40% OFF on exclusive items and our team selected the best 10 items under $100 for you to make big changes, spending less.


Avant Gold Vase 

Handmade in Michigan by fusion of Bulls eyeglass, our vase will add style to any room in your house. For those who prefer minimal decorations, this glass vase is the perfect touch for its color, style and shape.

Get yours here.

     Avant Gold Vase $64


Chess Towels 

Hand-spun and woven by artisans in Tunisia, our chess towels are perfect for every occasion. Available in two sizes, guest and bath towels, our chess towels add a modern still classic touch. Our favorite part of this product is that it gets softer and softer as its used.

Shop them here.


Crescent Moon Vase 

Our crescent moon vase will make your house look modern. Made in India, the metal material and the shape will transform a coffee table, a fireplace or even a window instantly, as its very unique.

Find yours here.

Crescent Moon Vase $98 - On Sale Now $60


Dusk Vase 

Artist in Poland hand blow glass to make our dusk vase that blends both, color and texture. The marble effect on the lower part of the vase in contrast with the light blue of the upper part of it will make it a decorative statement.

Get your here.

Dusk Vase $82 - On Sale Now $52


Prisha Throw with Bag 

Handmade in India, the Prisha Throw looks amazing in any foot of bed or sofa. The vibrant colors of the piece will add color to your house. What we love the most about it is that it comes with a bag, perfect to take it in a bag and use it out of the house too!

Find it here.

Prisha Throw $88


Samaira Pillow 

Your home will receive an upgrade with our Samaira Pillow. Made in India the softness of the cotton, the shape and color makes it a timeless piece.

Get it here.

Samaira Pillow $89


Set of baskets 

Baskets are the most practical still elegant way to keep the house organized. Handcrafted waving sisal by artisans in Kenya, baskets add the perfect bohemian vibe to a home.

Shop them here.

Set of Baskets in Blue $82


Cashmere Throws

Cashmere throws are the item to have in any room of the house. It’s extremely light and keeps you very warm. Handmade with premium quality wool in Nepal, throws will make your house look chic and cozy all year long. Available in three varieties, we offer: Gokul Throw, Sohan Throw and Mitul Throw.

Find them here.

Gokul Throw $265 - On Sale Now $165

 Sohan Throw $265 - On Sale Now $165

Mitul Throw $265 - On Sale Now $165


Additri Throw 

Handmade in India, the Additri throw is the perfect winter companion, not only for its texture but also for its weight and texture. You will want to wrap with it all year!

Get it here.

Additri Throw $165 - On Sale Now $100


Farida Blue and Pink

If you like contrast this is the perfect pillow for you. Hand-woven by artisans in Morocco using cotton, the white-striped details together with the color pom-pons look modern and fun in any room of your house.

Shop it here before it’s gone!

 Farida Blue and Pink $89

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