5 Gifts for a Spring Wedding

Spring is few weeks away and with the warm weather the Wedding Season begins! We thought it was a good idea to show you what would we pick for our next wedding. These gift ideas will help you plan and solve ahead of time. We also decided to share this post now and not during Spring because some of the products require time to be done.

At DE LA SOL HOME we offer five different products that can be custom made in order to give the bride and the groom a thoughtful and unique grift. All one-of-a-kind pieces that will add that extra hint of special to the newly weds. We hope you like them!


Designed by artist Suellen Parker, this glass vase will instantly add style to any room. The vase is made in the US by fusing bullseye glass. The images below show a visual reference on how this shape gets done using a square of glass and a floral former vase.

This is one of the more versatile products to custom as you can choose size and color - blue, red, green, yellow, black, and gold. The example below shows how beautiful the combination of many colors can look on a vase. The vase also can be done in two sizes: small and large. The combination of both, bigger and smaller vases over a table always add a contemporary vibe to the room.



Our plates are made in Peru using wood and hand-painted inspired by florally- decorated Peruvian Retablos, an ancient Andean folk art, in portable boxes depicting religious, historical, everyday events, important to the people of the highlands of Peru. The plates can be used to decorate a table or even a wall. The colors and shapes of the painting on the plates make each one an exclusive piece.

Traditional Peruvian Retablos

These are the different styles of Peruvian Plates we carry:

 - Saywa Plate and Tica Plate - Both plates are painted using cream, grey, green and orange with a touch of white as the main colors. However, the Saywa Plate is more minimal than the Tica Plate that presents more floral decorations. Both styles contemplate to use the circle of the middle of the plate as canvas, and the borders as decorations.


- Kusi Plate - This plate is painted using purple, cream, green, red and yellow. This style also conserves de boundary between center and borders of the plate.

 - Illa Plate - The colors of this plate are peach, green, purple, red and a hint of yellow. This is the plate anyone would we want on any wall!


- Mayu Plate - The colors of this plate are red, cream, green and purple, perfect complement to the Kusi Plate.

To place an order of custom plates we recommend to consider 2 months in advance as each piece is handmade in Peru. Another thing to consider when thinking about custom plates is that this can be made at your choice, but always conserving the inspiration in the Peruvian Retablos.

For product special prices please email us at info@delasolhome.com.

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