5 Gifts Under $50

Christmas shopping can be hectic. However, you don't need to spend a fortune on your friends and family presents to find the perfect gift this season! At DE LA SOL HOME we put together a list of the best home decor gifts under $50. Everyone will love what they get and your wallet will thank you as well!

 1. Hand Towels - $22

 Hand spun and woven by talented Tunisian artisans, our hand towels are the perfect addition for every bathroom. We carry three different hand towels at the same price point: Hiba towel in blue and pink and black hand towel, for those who like adding a modern touch to the house with this grey and white bicolor towel. This hand towels will be a game changer for its softness and absorption.

 Hand towels are a great detail to gift this Holidays! Get them here.




2. Sefed Plate - $34

 The circular silhouettes of our Sefed Plates will certainly add charm at the dinner table.

Sefed Plates have multiple uses, from tables to desks. They also make a unique decoration in the house. Our Sefed Plates handmade by artisans in Ethiopia. Basket weaving is a commercially important craft for rural women, as it provides them with a small income through the sale of baskets.

This makes a very nice gift for those that want to add a boho vibe to the house. Shop them here.



3. Manel Towel Set - $38

 Our Manel Towel Set is handmade in Tunisia with the noblest cotton. This set makes a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom or living space. The absorbency the material and how it feels will make you want to use it in every space of your house. This gift will definitely add a boho vibe to any room!

 Get it here.


4. Astronomy Matches - $44

 This is one of the most unexpected gifts from our picks. Made in the USA, this set of all black wood matchsticks comes inside a silk-screened with a vintage chart of the solar system. The curious detail about the print is that planet Earth is set in the center of the universe, a theory that was challenged in the 17th century.

 Find them here.


5. Coasters - $48

 German printing company Friedrich Horn gets the credit for creating the first disposable, cardboard, punch-out ‘beermats’ in the 1880s. What was thought as a utilitarian element ended up helping promote distilleries and breweries? Nowadays we use coasters at home, for decoration but also to protect the table from staining.



At DE LA SOL HOME we offer set of 4 glass coasters with three different designs: Grid coasters, for those who are more classic; and the Coney Island and New York coasters, for those who can’t let go the City. Made in the USA, coasters are a perfect gift for a friend!

 Shop them here.

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