5 Products That Light Up Your Kitchen In Spring

Attention readers: Spring is officially here. As the colors outside change from grey and white to sunny, bright and pastels, our interior decor also requests a refresh. Sometimes is not about changing the whole room but adding touches that will make each space look cozy, different and fresh.

Although it earned its critics along the way, the home decor world cant get enough of hygge - pronounces like ‘hoogah’, the Danish concept of living simply increased 285% of Pinterest users interest last year. To follow the ‘decorate cozy, live simply’ mantra, the Danes incorporate candles to their rooms, cover their couches with through blanket and display their favorite books on the coffee table, among other things.

Taking into account the hygge concept, we paired three of the upcoming home decor trends to five of our favorite products for your kitchen this Spring. We hope you enjoy!



  • Richer color palettes

Ghana Basket Fuchsia

Keep your home organized in style with this handmade basket. Artisans from the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these beautiful and durable baskets from thick, tough elephant grass. It comes with an easy-to-carry, leather wrapped handle. Our Ghana basket will be definitely the statement pink element that will add color to any of your rooms. This basket is a popular choice to take it to the farmer’s market, to hold cooking magazines, busy mother or picnic planners, among others.


Hiba towel in pink and blue

Our stylish towels are the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or living space. Hand spun and woven by artisans in Tunisia, this 100% cotton towel will become softer and more absorbent with use. Available in pink and blue, this piece will be elevating the richness of the colors of the room.

Kusi Plate

Our Kusi Plate is handmade in Peru. Using wood and hand painted, inspired by florally decorated Peruvian Retablos: an ancient Andean folk art, depicting religious, historical, everyday event, important to the people of the highlands of Peru. The Kusi Plate is features bold colors such as purple and red and is perfect to be used as wall decoration or a table. Given the colors, this is a statement piece as well.

  • Black and white decor


Black and White Rug

Tunisian women recovering from abuse make our black and white rug from natural, recycled cotton. From the kitchen to the bathroom, or your living room, this rug will fit any space in your home, adding the necessary dose of texture to the floors. Thick and soft, this black and white rug will provide a sense of balance and boldness to your home.

New rugs will be added to our site soon. Stay tuned!

  • Natural elements

Blooming Basket in Pink

Handmade in Morocco and made from palm leaves, this basket is the perfect touch of boho to your home. Great to go to the farmer’s market or even to a beach day. This colorful basket has five fluffy, pink pom-poms on the sides, as well as two handles made from sisal cord. Our blooming basket is available in two tones of pom-pons: pink and natural.

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