6 Fireplace products to keep you warm

 We are half way through winter and there is nothing like relaxing and enjoying a book and a beverage by the fire in these cold nights. The unpredictable movement of fire keeps us hypnotized, no matter the age, and that is distressing. Fireplaces spaces are centered in the fireplace, a good coach and a table. Then come all the accessories that complement the room such as candles, throws, and pillows, among others. Sole just picked 6 of her favorites and must have products for the fireplace room!

Astronomy Matches

 Our Astronomy fireplace match bottles are a sophisticated and fashionable option to store your matches, featuring a silk-screen design and cork lid. The bottle also has a striker strip not the back of the bottle to light the matches in style. The silk-screened design on the bottle shows the geocentric model of our solar system, with the Earth at the center of the Universe, a theory that was challenged in the 17th Century. Handmade in Philadelphia, this bottle of matches will update anyone’s fireplace!

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Ombre Matches

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, our matches come in a beautiful Ombre printed peacock tin, with gold metallic accents. The matches have black stems and purple tips. The tin is so nice; you will not want to put it away!

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Candle Glass Bowl

Our candle glass bowl is one-of-a-kind product handmade in the US. 
To create the color and patter of the glass vessel, artisans use a signature technique in which they blend colored wax with a splash of gold around the inside of each clear vessel. This makes every candle different and special. Another thing we love about candle glass bowl is its fragrance: a blend of cypress, thyme, fir needle, and juniper berry, with notes of cedar, musk, and vanilla. 
Our candle glass bowl will look great on the table of your fireplace.

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Cashmere Throws

Our selection of cashmere throws is one of our favorite picks of the list!

Handmade in Nepal on traditional looms, our cashmere throws add relaxed luxury to any fireplace. Because of the hand loomed nature of the throws, each piece is one-of-a- kind and completely unique. At DE LA SOL we offer them in three different tones, from lighter tones to darker tones: Gokul Throw, Sohan Throw, Mitul Throw. Due to its softness, texture, and color, put cashmere throws are the perfect companion for dozing in front of the fire.

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Additri Throw

A book, a beverage and wrapped up in a throw, perfect situation! Throws are the fireplace’s best friends and a great winter companion for us. Our Additri throw is handmade in India using 100% cotton. The stripped patter, color and texture of the throw adds a boho still chic and cozy vibe to the room.

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Prisha Throw

 Our Prisha throw will be the statement piece at any fireplace. Handmade in India using the handloom woven technique, every piece is unique and rich in both, quality and design. The cotton of the throw is light and breathable, so you can use it all year long.

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