Fall Trend Handmade Baskets

Fall trend alert! Who says that baskets are only summer accessories? Even though they are the perfect companions for the warm weather season, baskets totally work for fall. So if you were thinking about saying goodbye to one of your favorites carryalls, think again 'cause handmade basket bags are totally IN for this season.

 Let's be honest, our basket bags are not just like any others: we have the real deal (in case you don't know about us yet, we have the best handmade baskets ever). But modesty aside, our products were handmade by artisans from Africa, so every time you get a trendy accessory from us (let's say a basket) you will get not only the cutest and fashionable accessory ever but also a handmade piece of art made with love and dedication.

 So ladies and gentleman, here we present our 5 unique handmade basket options so you can totally rock this fall in style:


 Blooming Basket


This is one of our favorites, mostly because (let's be honest) everything looks better with pom-poms on. This is a bohemian handmade basket great for shopping. Handcrafted in Morocco, our beautiful basket comes with either cream or pink details. Isn't this the cutest basket you've seen?!


Ghana Basket

Strong, unique and durable, our Ghana basket is our secret to channeling those farmers' market vibes. Handcrafted (as you have probably figured out already due to its name) in Ghana, this basket is made of elephant grass for comfort and durability.

 Available in 3 colors that will totally match any outfit you are thinking about wearing this fall.


Sun-day Bag  

Perfect for your everyday shopping, storage or quick farmers' market trip. This basket is super cute (those sequins look hella cute, uh?) and will soon become your favorite (and trendy) fall companion. Handcrafted in Morocco and made of palm leaf with a sisal cord handle, which is wrapped, in faux leather, our (super cute) sun-day bag is available with golden or silver sequins.


Navy Blue Basket Set 

Ok, so you picked the basket that is going to join you during all of your weekly shopping or your spontaneous park walks... but what about your home? Let's be real about this, your house could use a little bit of a "Kenya" touch.

We introduce you our navy blue basket set, made in Kenya by talented artisans. Made entirely out of sisal, this basket set will give your house the unique touch it deserves.


Black and natural

 Ok so maybe you don't like blue and you are more of a "neutral color" person (which is totally fine), in that case here's the perfect basket set for you.

 Who doesn't love stylish baskets? Give your home a bohemian touch with this set of three striped handmade baskets; ideal for storing anything you want; from towels to magazines.


So, did you pick your favorite? Check out all of our handmade basket collection here


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