Baskets from Morocco

The south of Morocco is known for the large palm groves. Basket weaving is the oldest craft in Morocco and was originally performed by men. Nowadays, women have also become experts in the art of basketry, passing the traditional method from generation to generation.



The palm leaves are woven into strips, which are then sewn together and the basket is built up in rounds. The shape of baskets differs from one region to another. Each basket can take from 3 to 8 hours of work, depending on the size and style. After the baskets are woven, they are collected and finished by hand. This makes each basket unique, with minor variations in weaving and finish. However, variations are expected and treasured as part of the handcraft process.




 Weather used for the beach or to go to the market, a large basket will hold all the needed essentials. First thought to cover domestic and agricultural necessities, baskets are still on trend today as they look fresh, cool and elegant with any look. At De La Sol Home we offer two different types of baskets handmade in Morocco:



 This basket is not only handmade with palm leaf in Morocco, but has five fluffy, pink pom-poms, making it extra chic. You can take our basket to the beach or to the farmer’s market you will never fail.

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 Handmade from palm-leaf but decorated with golden sequins and a leather grip, this basket makes the perfect gift for someone bohemian, still modern. The shinny touch of the sequins makes something traditional look fashionable.

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 Handmade palm-leaf bag, with a sisal cord handle wrapped in a faux leather grip. Enhanced with silver sequins, this delightful bag is your perfect, new shopping partner, as well as the ultimate gift idea for the modern bohemian.

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