De La Sol: A new way to look at home decor

There are a few questions I always get when I talk about what I do:

What is De La Sol Home and when was it born? When did your passion for home decor began? Did you always knew you wanted to sell handmade home accessories?

In order to answer all of those questions we need to really throw it back to when I moved to the United States, fourteen years ago.


It was 2002 and had just finished my undergraduate studies in Tourism. I remember thinking so highly of my future and my mind being occupied by all the traveling I wanted to do. But suddenly everything changed when the economy of my country (Argentina) collapsed, things started to be different at home, colleagues from all around the country were leaving to pursuit their dreams somewhere else. Things did not seemed to get better, so I did the same.

I moved to the United States looking for better opportunities and a chance to fulfill my dreams. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do, it wasn’t a decision that came easy to me. I traded physical and emotional safety for a future that seemed uncertain, living one day at a time just trying to survive. It’s funny how life can be deceiving, how you think you have it all figured out but you actually don’t and even though I had many roadblocks and difficulties, I managed to made it through the storm. But it wasn’t until I got my legal papers that a new chapter of my life began.


“Creativity, structure and legacy” - 

 I started my business working with artisans from Argentina, importing leather goods and designing most of them myself. I realized the necessity of maintaining a certain level of creativity in my work that could be shared and used by others.

Through the years I discovered that creativity has a special power when it comes from a structured and organized environment.

At some point along the way, I decided to do some soul searching, so I started therapy which enabled me to reconnect with myself and with the artistic education I received when I was a child.

I fell in love with art at the early age of three, studying ballet, pottery and drawing. I also joined the Children’s Choir of Rio Gallegos, a small city in Patagonia region of Argentina, where I grew up. Singing gave me the first chance to travel, first around my country and then to Europe and North America.

During those trips I developed a passion for photography: through the lens I discovered new dimensions, new people, buildings, sculptures and textures. All these interests blended together to make me the person I am today.



I majored in Tourism Business, a choice fueled by my desire to travel and get to know the world. As a student I began to be aware of many issues that became increasingly meaningful to me. I started learning about ecology, sustainability, heritage and the intricate complexity of cultures including my own.


I live in New York City. And now, as I am starting a new decade in my life, I’m feeling younger, stronger and wiser.


My mission is clear:

"To support and share the beauty of the different creations that artisans and artists around the world have to offer. My goal is to make this troubled world a better place for everybody." 

With this mission in mind, De La Sol Home was born. So as you can see, we are much more than just another home decor store in New York City.

The past year has been so challenging and fun! Went from brainstorming with friends and colleagues to doing lots of research and also meeting artisans and artists from remote places.

I have to admit that technology has had a great impact on making connections possible. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of talented people both online and “offline”.

I really hope that you enjoy our work and all the stories that we are trying to tell our way, because at the end of the day, we are much more than just another home decor store and we bring you so much more than just handmade home accessories. Enjoy the different materials, traditions, textures and even scents coming from different places of our Mother Earth. 


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