5 Fall Activities in New York

Fall is my favorite season, leaves are changing, wind is getting chilly and everything just looks so beautiful... Let's be honest, New York is magical during the fall and there are a lot of activities to enjoy if you are up to. That said, here you have my favorite 5 fall activities to do in New York.

It can be the cold air feeling my lungs or the smell of wood burning in the morning or maybe is just the trees and their color changing fire that reaches the skies and lakes. The fall is for most of us the perfect time of the year! All the nature enjoys the anticipation for the coldest months and the trees get totally naked right after turning into one of the most spectacular shows on earth.

Go for a walk at Prospect Park: Designed by the same architect that created the Central Park and Golden Gate Park still one of my favorite spots to spend a chilly afternoon. Very close to the city and with lots of activities, I go here in order to enjoy the trees and lakes. This park has been my backyard for the last 16 years, this is home.



Visit the New York Botanical Garden:

One of the easiest way to go back in time when none of the New York we know today existed is to visit the Native Plant Garden and take a glimpse of what NYC looked like before the asphalt and cement covered the beautiful plains. Make sure you also visit the Seasonal Walk during the fall, breathe deeply and walk slowly. 

Grab a coffee and go for book shopping at Beacon: All you have to do is wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and catch the Metro-North Railroad and you will be in heaven just a little bit over an hour later. Beacon is a gorgeous town not for from the city but with all the flair of a true yankee town. Great coffee shops, bookstores, art and antiques.



If you like modern art as well, make sure you visit one of the most beautiful museum in NY State (yes including Manhattan) the DIA Beacon.

The highlights: Richard Serra’s sculptures, Sol Lewitt’s paintings and Dan Flavin minimalism. All under one roof.




Visit the Storm King museum: And since you are so close, why not cross the Hudson River and visit another awesome open sky sculpture museum, the Storm King. Be ready to stroll down the hills of this huge museum and park. Totally recommended.

 Road trip to Delaware Water Gap: The DWG is another pristine spot nearby where you can enjoy the fall with all its splendor. Get together with a few friends, make sure all chip in for the car and gas expenses and go to the NJ/PA border and have a total blast!


 Make sure you visit the old town of Millbrook Village and the Walpack Inn restaurant, where you can have a wholesome lunch while you see the deers roaming free right in front of you.

Do that, you will not regret it at all.



There are many other options and a lot of things to do, but these ones are in the list of “things I must do” during the fall. Make sure you have a warm coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Please protect the environment and leave everything as you find it for the enjoyment of others. Bring a comfy jacket, it gets a bit cold in the outdoors.

 If you love picnics as much as I do, grab a throw and bring also one of our baskets, top it up with healthy food and enjoy the day!

 Try this sandwich: arugula, brie, sun dried tomatoes and hummus is my favorite this time of the year.







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