New Year Decor Resolutions

2018 is around the corner! The year flew but we are happy to celebrate our first New Years with you! To close this first year since De La Sol Home opened its doors, we decided to make decor resolutions for you.

 Soledad Di Paola, our founder, curates the selection of De La Sol Home making sure it carries local artisan goods as well as rare global products. In every one of her picks she looks at product that: are made by the love of artisans that get paid fairly, respect the natural resources and are made of noble elements, respect the supply chain, and, most important, products that have a story to tell.


At De La Sol Home every product has a story. We embrace products with a story as that its soul, making it more special and unique. Products with a story emanate familiarity. For this New Years Decor Resolution, De La Sol team picks six different products, all made using natural elements: wool, cashmere, cement, elephant grass, sisal and glass.

Each one of them would make your home look cozier this Sunday!


  1. WOOL: Advika Pillow

The chunky texture of our Advika pillow looks classy, still fresh and clean in any interior. Hand-loomed by artisans of India using pure sheep’s wool, each pillow takes them several days to complete. This item will definitely add the perfect touch of warmth and dimension to your home.

 Get yours here!


  1. CASHMERE: Gokul throw


 Woven in Nepal, our Gokul throw is super light and soft. As covered in a previous blog post, cashmere is the finest wool in the world. Its finer, stronger, and approximately two times more insulting than sheep wool. Another fact we love about this material is that its hypoallergenic, perfect for adults and babies. Our Gokul throw will not only keep you warm this winter but also add style in any of your rooms.

 Shop it before it’s gone!


  1. CEMENT: Raw and Black Cement Candles


These cute concrete candles will light up your room. Handmade in Portland these candles are sculpted under water with high-temperature wax. Available in black, black pepper scented, and in raw cement, tiger, grand and lavender scented. This item will add a rustic effect to your home decor.


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  1. ELEPHANT GRASS: Ghana baskets


Known as crafts the center of Northern Ghana, Bolgatanga, and its surrounding villages make the largest straw baskets producers in the country. Artisans manually weave the thick and tough elephant grass to make beautiful and durable baskets. It can take them up to a week to finish each one. The sale of these baskets allows many artisans and farmers to attain a sustainable way of living.

These baskets are a classic icon of African craftsmanship. Our Ghana Basket comes in natural, black and fuchsia. This item will add color and a perfect boho vibe to any of your rooms!


Shop it here.


  1. SISAL: Set of baskets


Our beautiful sets of baskets come in three different sizes. Ideal to use as a stylish storage basket, adding a rusting natural look to your home. Artisans in Kenya weave the baskets. However, each basket goes through the process of growing the sisal plant, harvesting, rolling, and drying it before being manually weaved. Available in different colors, this set makes definitely one of our favorite pick!


Get it here.


  1. GLASS: 

Liquid glass is blown with a stainless steel pipe to make our Night Sky Vase. With nothing but heat, the power of gravity and quick movements, are needed to create any shape in glass. The practice of blowing glass can take years of practice to become a skill.

Exquisite and unique, this vase it’s a beautiful statement piece.


Shop it here.


Thank you for all the support in our first year. Happy New Year to you All. See you soon!!




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