Spaces that Inspire Us

Two months ago we incorporated Spaces That Inspire Us to our Instagram account. Our intention with this section is to show those rooms, bathrooms, walls, gardens, parks, spaces, in general, that influence the way we curate our current and upcoming collection of home goods. This incorporation helped us curate our visual story by sharing images of our favorite blogs and Instagram accounts on home decor, architecture and art, among others. Elements, places and spaces that we find special, tell a story and add to the vision of DE LA SOL HOME. On this post we will like to extend on the theme of Spaces That Inspire Us, and explain where we find inspiration, and how we relate it to the items we carry.

 DE LA SOL HOME has a clear mission, and in order to comply with set goals we need inspiration. Given that our founder Sole has a degree in Tourism and is passionate about photography and traveling; taking pictures is one of our favorite inspirations. It's impressive how traveling does not only open your mind but also takes us to know different cultures, artisan techniques and materials, among others. For instance, we relate Nepal with cashmere and palm leaves weaving with Morocco, the capital of baskets for their ancient art of basketry. We also find inspiration in nature, simple things such as the colors of trees during fall, the texture of the snow, or even the smell of gardenias. Architecture and art is another source of inspiration at  DE LA SOL HOME. We are motivated by the shape of a building - for instance we related the building in Tribeca that looks like a Jenga game, to our Chess Bath Towel Set -, the structure of a stair, or the arch of a cathedral.

Sometimes a place inspires an object, or a product can define the decoration of a certain space. DE LA SOL HOME team selected pictures of spaces that inspire us, and some relate to some of the products we carry. We were inspired by the color of an ashtray and relate it to our Crescent Moon Vase; by a minimal print on a pink wall that reminded us of our handmade prints; by the texture of a wall decor and relate it to our Advika Pillow and our Additri Throw; by the color and the atmosphere of a living room that took us directly to our Peruvian Retablo inspired plates; by the lamp of a Mediterranean room that evoked us to our set of baskets handmade in Kenya, and by the pom pons of the throw on the bed of the same room that had the vibe of our Blooming Basket; by a white clean room that took us to our Milky Way Vase; by how the black structure of stair brought us the stripes in our Golden Eye Coasters to our mind; and by the elements on a white shelf, thinking how good Daisy Vase would look on it.

Can you relate any of the spaces with some of DE LA SOL HOME favorite products? Are there any more products you would like us to carry for you? What inspires you?

We read your comments!


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