About us

 “Our goal is to celebrate art, tradition and culture through beautiful handmade items that will nourish the sacred space of your home while empowering artisans from all over the world".

Our History

I created De La Sol Home because I am a passionate world traveler who endlessly seeks to find beautiful and unique art pieces, home décor, and artisanal artifacts. What initially started as a personal pursuit soon became a new way of shopping for these very particular (and hard to find) storied objects.

I have been an appreciator of art since childhood, having been inspired by the place where I was born. Growing up in a small town at the very south of Argentina, surrounded by the sea, mountains, and glaciers, I found great pleasure in drawing, dancing, and singing. Today, I continue to celebrate art and creativity in all its forms and manifestations. However, it is unique handmade artifacts and traditional items, made by artisans worldwide, that really captivate me.

The adventure started eight years ago, when I began working with artisans from Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, India, and Kyrgyzstan. When visiting Cambodia, I fell hopelessly in love with the people and their arts. Since then, I have been on a quest to share the wonders of these world artisans, and deliver them right to your door.

Each piece tells its own story: how it was made, the noble materials used, and the traditional techniques with which the item was crafted. It is more than just a pretty artifact - it is a piece of the heart, talent, lifestyle, and traditions of men and women from all over the globe.


Our Philosophy

"De La Sol Home wants to connect artisans to shoppers, erasing borders and fostering collaborations amongst artisans. These items are the product of love and honor, crafted with a profound respect for traditions.”

I collaborate with highly-skilled artisans that apply unique forms of handcrafting techniques in order to create something beautiful. Each item is made with a love and care that will inspire you for a lifetime.

I, myself, believe individuality and taste to be De La Sol Home’s main goal: to create and share something that has a soul, that tells a story about where it came from, and that can be passed from generation to generation.

Most of the pieces in my collections are chosen based on their lasting quality, and the use of traditional techniques and local resources.

Our Mission

“We believe in nurturing humanity and dignity at every level. This is why we want to financially empower artisans by providing them with steady work.”

Handmade designs enrich our lives with meaning, and it is because of this that the ancestral traditions of artisans, their arts and crafts, need to be supported. De La Sol Home also aims to connect artisans with a bigger marketplace, so that their work can get the recognition it deserves.

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